Thursday, November 25, 2010

Looney Tunes in theaters, circa... 1995?

I didn't know this up until now, but apparently during the 1990's Warner Bros. was releasing brand new Looney Tunes shorts to appear before their movies.

The first one I saw today was "Carrotblanca", an obvious spoof of the famous movie "Casablanca". Some of the roles are Bugs Bunny as Rick, Daffy Duck as Sam, and Pepe Le Pew as Captain Renault (a ton of characters make minor appearances).

So how does this modern-day short compete with some of the greatest cartoons in animation history? Let's watch and see.

Tweety sure can make a killer Peter Lorre impression.

This is by far one of the best modern Looney Tunes depictions I've seen yet. The music is incredible, the characters fun and expressive, and the jokes, both visual and verbal, pretty decent!

Yet I'll never look at Tweety the same way again.


  1. I remember that short in the theaters. Being the person that grew up with the old Looney Tunes, I fell asleep to that cartoon.

    Though this looks a little professional compared to the 80s Looney Tunes cartoons and recent Looney Tunes trash now.

  2. I have a prof who worked on this in the short-lived "Classic Animation" division. They were enthusiastic cartoonists, admittedly with a Disney slant, who couldn't make a whole lot of entertaining gags because Warners was under siege from PC hate groups -- "Porky Pig makes fun of stuttering kids!" "Foghorn Leghorn represents the Old South!" and increasingly preposterous stuff.

    I'm glad at least that there are dynamic poses and subtle angles in this short. Just for fun, keep an eye on the bulldog at 3:40: He says "His butt was THIS big!" and the same animator would put this in future crowd scenes.