Monday, December 6, 2010

Finally, a Tales of Oceana update!

it's been months since I last talked about my upcoming comic strip series "Tales of Oceana". First off I'll have everyone know that I've been SUPER busy forming the series, from creating and removing characters to constantly deciding on what the setting will be and what it'll look like. Today, I have some updates to the series.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm going to start a comic strip pretty soon, and the basic plot goes like this: an adventurous but impulsive girl loves to hear the stories told by sailors and adventurers who visit the seaside town she lives in, and this makes her seek out adventures of her own. Simple and to the point. Now on to the updates!

First off, I'm going to probably change the name of the comic. The current name makes it sound like a Japanese RPG game, and it sounds too serious. I want this comic to be fun and cartoony, kind of like Ren and Stimpy. Even though I'm gonna be researching for a new name myself, I'll take any suggestions you guys throw at me.

Second of all, I've added some new characters and modified others. The first one I'll show is the main character, Casey.

pretty generic pose, but you get the idea.

As you can see, I changed her wardrobe a bit. I lowered the bottom of her shirt and replaced the black skirt she had with a small utility belt and khaki shorts. I tried to give her a decent color scheme based off three colors: yellow, red, and green. I attempted to make her colors a bit natural and not just your regular reds and greens. The blues on the legs and belt give the colors a nice accent, and creates a small contrast between the warm, natural skin and clothes and the cold, mechanical nature of her legs and belt (yes, Casey's legs are mechanical. More on this below.)

I'm not very trained in color theory yet, so tell me what you think about Casey's color scheme, either here or at my Deviantart profile,

Now on to poses!

below are two pages chock full of poses and positions I've made for Casey, although I'm not happy with a few of them.

 The lady in the upper left corner is another character, I'll show her off in my next post.

If you look, you can see I drew some flying poses. Yes, Casey can fly, and all because of her mechanical legs. I'm not going into where she got those legs because that would be pretty useless since she's a cartoon, not a real person. As she flies, there's a little trail of waves behind her, kind of like the flying cars from the Jetsons.

I don't consider these model sheets, since there are a bunch of mistakes and I'm still experimenting with Casey's movements.

I'll be posting up a few more characters and probably some backgrounds soon, so stay tuned!

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